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"Seven tastes." Sri Lanka.

"Seven tastes." Sri Lanka.

One of our main goals is to allow our customers to try the best teas that can only be obtained. As a rule, it is ecologically pure tea, made from very high-quality raw materials and completely handmade.

Even though we specialize in Chinese tea, we are constantly studying and searching, to find something truly unique and beautiful. We have very long and carefully tried dozens, and even hundreds of varieties of tea from different parts of the world to select really interesting specimens that meet all the requirements of professionals.

Traveling the world, dealing with numerous farmers and manufactures, we accumulate a huge amount of tea, which we gladly share on various Tea Tastings, Degustations or other similar events.

This Starter kit is for those who do not get to us, but who want to plunge into the world of very high-quality tea.

The number of kits is strictly limited!

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In this Starter Kit we have selected for you 7 unique samples, very high-quality tea, handmade, from Sri Lanka. We are still in search of that tea that will be worthy to join our Chinese "elite", but all these teas are unique, original and worthy to try them.

The Starter Kit includes:

- "Silver needles" - white tea, consisting entirely of buds. 3g
- "Golden needles" - yellow tea, consisting entirely of buds. 3g
- "White Tea" - large-leaf white tea, consisting of flesh(bud and two leaves). 3g

- "Nightingale" - red tea, twisted in hand.
- "Sea Hedgehog" - red tea, bound from tea leaves, twisted by hands. 7-8 g
- "Spirals" - red tea, where several leaves are twisted by hands.
- "Tea needles" - red tea, where every leaf is twisted by hands.

The beauty of all these teas is that they are not afraid of insisting, and do not go into tartness or bitterness. Moreover, we highly recommend that these teas be insisted that the infusions be more intense and vivid.

If you want to make an order, send an e-mail to [email protected], write your contact details, order and also the delivery address. We will contact you soon.

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