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Ceremonial Matcha, 2023


Ceremonial Matcha | "Powdered tea"

Shizuoka, Tuba, Honshu, Japan

This is exactly the tea that is brewed during the Japanese tea ceremony "Chanoyu". To produce such tea, the highest quality young tea leaves are used, harvested from April to May. After a long and difficult process of picking and processing, it is ground in stupas. The result is a "powder", which is brewed by whipping it in water.

This tea has a very unusual delicate, creamy texture, sweet and fresh taste. This is a very healthy drink that has retained the maximum amount of vitamins and micro elements. This tea is also the record holder for caffeine.

30 g tin.

Cultivar: Gokou

Harvest: Spring, 2023


Due to the peculiarities of tea leaf processing, green tea retains the maximum amount of vitamins and microelements. Green tea is harvested and produced in spring from the youngest buds and leaves, which gives the tea a fresh aroma and sweet, refined taste. This tea is very pleasant to drink in the warm season, regulating body temperature. Green tea has the largest amount of tein, tea caffeine, so we recommend drinking this tea in the morning.

• Slows down the aging of the body
• Reduces the risk of heart disease
• Improves brain health
• Cleans the circulatory system
• Reduces blood pressure
• Lowers blood sugar levels
• Strengthens blood vessels
• Improves the condition of skin, hair and teeth
• Antiviral and antibacterial agent
• Prevents the development of cancer cells
• Reduces cholesterol levels
• Increases efficiency
• Relieves nervous tension
• Helps in the fight against excess weight



Recommended water temperature: 75 °C.

Recommended amount of tea: 2 chasaku (1 tea spoon) in 70 ml water

Recommended brewing method: Chanoyu.

In order to properly brew such a tea, you must have at least a chawan (bowl) and chasaku (a special bamboo whisk).

The cooking process is as follows. 1. It is necessary to warm the chawan with hot water, then wipe it dry. 2. Next, it is advisable to sift a portion of the tea through a fine sieve to make the infusion tender. 3. Pour the tea powder with water and then 4. beat the tea thoroughly until smooth and thick foam forms on the surface. It is customary to drink the resulting drink directly from the chawan!

There is a practice of brewing a stronger, thicker Matcha by using twice the amount of tea powder. This infusion is called "koicha".


Recommended teaware: chawan (bowl).

Recommended material: glazed pottery.


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