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“IPN.LV” – It is a sign of quality which guarantee you that you are on the right tea way. You can find here the highest quality tea from China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Russia and other tea producing countries from all over the world.

We have big experience in holding different tradition tea ceremonies, big achievements in international tea competitions between tea masters, connections with tea producers and tea experts from all over the world. We offer high quality imperial teas as well as unique exclusive teas. We also have a lot of collection teas, aged teas and competition teas, which are the best of its kind.

We work straight with farmers and guarantee you highest quality and freshness of tea.

Besides tea we offer a lot of handcrafted artisan teaware for professional brewing from one of the best pottery artists from all over the world. We watch of the quality of every piece and choose best. Every artist has his own unique style; every work is an artwork and generally one of a kind. It’s not only beautiful and usable thing, this teaware raise up quality of a whole brewing process.

Besides tea and teaware we offer whole list of services which you can find in section “Services”.


We are pleased to present the main tea master and tea taster of our company - Andrei Ivanov, a member of the International Tea School Chaism.Pro, a tea blogger, a three-time participant in the international finals of Tea Masters Cup International and the TMC 2017 International champion in Enshi, China. Andrei is a certified international judge of the Tea Masters Cup and the official representative of Vietnamese and Korean tea cultures.

A high level expert, who have a huge experience in research of different tea cultures from all over the world. Studying the process of producing all kinds of tea directly in the places of its growth (China, South Korea, Vietnam), Andrei is engaged in the popularization of tea of ​​the highest mastery and high tea culture. The goal of our company is to give people the opportunity to try the best, and Andrei is the very person who teaches to understand and properly brew this exquisite drink, which gives us health and harmony.


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