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HaGiang GuShu Sheng Cha 2019


HaGiang GuShu Sheng Cha| Sheng pu-erh from ancient tea trees

Ha Giang province, Vietnam.

This is our tea master's project together with the Vietnamese Tea Association, whose goal is to popularize tea made from the leaves of ancient tea trees. This is an unusual and very interesting red tea made from the leaves of trees, which are about 500 years old. These tea trees grow in the wild, high in the mountains, at an altitude of about 1200 meters above sea level. Completely handmade, this tea is picked by the local minorities in the first week of April and produced by our tea masters team. In the production process, only high-quality organic raw materials were used - “a bud and two leaves”.

Young, but very promising Sheng pu-erh, already now pleases with its noble taste without a hint of tartness and bitterness. There is tremendous potential in it, but so far it is only freshness and greens. In its dry form, tea leaves have a fresh aroma, with light notes of dried fruits and berries. And this is what is likely to develop in this tea over the years. Right now there is a light and soft liqueur, with forest and mushroom notes. Tea is very easy to drink, withstands a large number of tea infusions with the Ping Cha method, warms well and gives energy.

Harvest: Spring, 2019.

Cultivar: SNOW SHAN

Available in two "cake" options: 100g(Sold out!) and 200g.

“Of course, this tea needs time to reach its potential. But even now, when it is very young, it pleases with its taste and aroma. Drink now or store, up to you. Personally, I will put a couple in my collection and forget about them for about 10 years.”

Andrei Ivanov (IPN.LV Tea master)


Sheng (Raw) Pu-erh has many beneficial properties, both for brain activity and for the whole organism. The taste of sheng pu-erh is always multifaceted and deep with fruity, floral, smoked, honey notes. Over time, this tea becomes softer, richer and more multifaceted.

Reasons and benefits of drinking SHENG PU-ERH

• Strengthens the cardiovascular system
• Reduces blood pressure
• Strengthens blood vessels
• Tones the nervous system
• Natural antioxidant
• Prevents the development of cancer cells
• Strengthens bones
• Fights overweight



Recommended water temperature: 95 degrees Celsius.

Recommended amount of tea: 5 grams per 100 ml of water.

Recommended brewing method: Strait method (Pin cha).


Recommended dishes: teapot.

Recommended material: yixing clay.


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