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Gushu Purple buds, 2020


Ha Giang, Vietnam.

This is the most expansive tea in Vietnam at a particular moment. This is the unique and rare tea and let us explain to you why.

First of all this tea consists only from buds from 400 till 800 years old ancient tea trees. These trees can be up to 5-7 meters high what makes picking leaves a very hard and even dangerous job. Secondly, this is a unique kind of tea tree, which has purple leaves instead of the usual green ones. It became purple after several geographic and climate reasons. This type of tea tree is very rare what also makes picking leaves a very hard and long job. And thirdly such old tea trees give a little number of buds once a year in spring, which reflects on the quantity of the final product. As the result, we have a rare type of tea that is very hard to pick and produce.

This tea can be brewed different styles and with different temperatures of water. For example, if you use 75-80 C water you will get a light and tender taste, but if you will you 90-95 C you will get a deeper and strong taste. It's very easy to use and can be brewed in any style you like. From first sight their flowers and berries in the aroma of dry leaves. But when you brew it you will get nice clear liquor with notes of fresh peach, flower honey, and dried apples. You can feel a nice menthol chill on the tip of your tongue. This tea harmonizes and relaxes worms and refresh.

This is the experimental batch picked and produced under the guidance of the Vietnam Tea Association. There was made only 2 kg of this tea and we are very proud to represent such a unique product to our clients.

Harvest: spring 2020


Due to the special processing of white tea and tea master’s mastery, the maximum amount of beneficial vitamins and micro-elements are preserved in it.

Reasons and Benefits to drink WHITE TEA.

• Reduces the risk of heart desease
• Improves brain health
• Fights aging
• Have a lot of antioxidant properties
• Promotes energy
• Lowers risk of cancer
• Strenghens teeth and hair
• Fights depression
• Slows down skin aging
• Helps in weightloss
• Anti-inflammatory properties
• Strengthens immunity
• Regulates body temperature



Recommended water temperature: 75-80 degrees Celsius.

Recommended amount of tea: 3-4 grams per 100 ml of water.

Recommended brewing method: Pin Cha (spilling method), infusion.

This tea is equally wonderful, both brewed by the Pin Cha method, and infused in a glass, as it is done in the homeland of this tea. We recommend trying both methods as they reveal this extraordinary tea in different ways.


Recommended dishes: gaiwan or pot.

Recommended material: porcelain or glass.


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