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Collection Shu(Ripe) pu-erh, 2008


Shuangjiang Mengku, Linzang, Yunnan.

150 g.

This is an excellent premium Shu(Ripe) pu-erh. The name of his brand "Mu Ye Chun" translates as "Wine from the tree leaves". The rarity, uniqueness of this tea makes it collection. All these years our tea was carefully stored in a dry warehouse and now it is ready to please us with its unique taste and aroma.

Tea is made from first-class raw materials with a huge number of buds that guarantees a soft and rich taste. The washed tea leaf has a deep aroma with notes of chocolate and sugar cane. The infusion is unusually sweet and soft. Nutty, woody and chocolate notes harmoniously pass one into another. Tea has a long noble warm aftertaste. Finally, I want to note that tea is resistant to brewing and retains its softness even with prolonged infusion.

This is one of the most favorite shu(ripe) pu-erh of our tea master and we are happy to share this treasure with you. We strongly recommend to buy this 150 g cake, it is definitely worth the price. The amount of tea is limited, so it is a reason to think about buying a few cakes, tea will only get better.

Harvest: Spring, 2008.


Artificially aged, this tea has gone through a long and complex production process. As a result, it has a very mild and rich taste, as well as a unique positive effect on the human body.

Causes and Benefits of Drinking SHU(Ripe) Pu-erh.

• Strengthens immunity
• Slows down body aging
• Prevents cardiovascular diseases
• Strengthens the walls of blood vessels
• Antibacterial and antiviral agent
• Removes toxins
• Helps digestion
• Improves metabolism
• Restores spleen and stomach function
• Reduces cholesterol
• Lowers blood sugar and prevents diabetes
• Reduces stress, relaxes and harmonizes
• Helps to lose weight
• Helps with insomnia, improves sleep quality

Recommended water temperature: 95 degrees Celsius.

Recommended amount of tea: 5-7 grams per 100 ml of water.

Recommended brewing method: Strait method (pin cha).

We recommend to cool down a little before drink.


Recommended dishes: teapot.

Recommended material: yixing clay.


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