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Tea Education

Tea Education

Traditions of ceremonial tea-drinking practices go back many centuries. It is not surprising that for such a long period the process of picking, producing, and brewing tea managed to turn into almost a sacred action. The work of true tea masters is quite comparable to the work of artists who paint new masterpieces on their canvases.

As part of teaching the art of tea, “Izpodnebesnoj” invites you to widely discover this very world of subtle sensations, tastes, and aromas - to immerse yourself in the world of tea, tea culture and to understand in detail all its secrets, peculiarities and hidden nuances.

In our classes, we will consider the history of China as the homeland of tea, the culture and philosophy of these people, tea utensils, technologies for the production of various types of tea, and much more. Lessons with our master can be held in our space, or at a previously agreed place.


The full course of our tea school consists of 10 lessons. Each lesson lasts about 2-3 hours. The first half of the lesson is theory, the second is practice.

Topics of the course:

• History and philosophy of tea
• Tea culture
• China's culture as the motherland of tea
• Classic types of tea
• Technologies of tea production
• Tea utensils
• Determination of quality and proper storage of tea
• Proper brewing of tea
• Chinese Classical Tea Ceremony
• Basics of Tea Tasting
• Basics of tea gastronomy

At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate. You will have a variety of useful knowledge and skills. You will change your thought about tea and will understand it as a professional.

Classes are held in small groups once-twice a week. You can apply for participation and clarify the nuances by calling +371 25 65 25 25 or [email protected].

The price of the lesson in the group is 40 euros (per one lesson).

The price of an individual lesson is 70 euros per lesson.

2nd level

For 12 lessons, we manage to touch on a huge number of different topics, try a large amount of tea, but this does not give a deep understanding of the subject, and time "flies" rather quickly.

After the end of the classes, for those who wish to continue, we offer classes dedicated to a deeper immersion in certain topics of this deep world.

We generally recommend exploring other tea cultures, such as:

• Japan
• Korea
• Vietnam
• Taiwan
• India
• Ceylon
• Africa

Here each lesson touches the history, culture, peculiarities of tea production, and consumption. The main focus is on familiarizing the participants with the variety of tea produced in these countries! It is also a great opportunity to practice tea brewing skills.

Next, we recommend that you return to Chinese tea and study in more depth such topics as varieties of Camellia Sinensis, tea roasting degrees, aged teas, rock oolongs, Guangdong oolongs, Taiwanese competition teas, tea blending, tea testing, the art of aging puer and hei chi and much much more.


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