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Tea Degustation

Tea Degustation

The ability to accurately understand the versatility of the flavors of various types of tea is a skill that not everyone can boast of. However, the art of distinguishing and clearly defining one's feelings, the skill of capturing the entire taste, aroma, and form can still be learned. Moreover, this can be done with us.

As part of tea tastings in Izpodnebesnoj, you are invited to get acquainted with various, including very exotic, types of tea. Comparative tastings are an opportunity, where each guest can learn to feel the difference in the tastes of high-quality, unique teas from China, as well as from other tea-producing countries.

Tea tastings are possible both in our space and with a visit to an agreed place, where everyone can choose the atmosphere to their liking. Wherever it happens, tea tasting is a fun experience that will help you understand not only the depth of taste and nature of tea, but also get to know yourself a little better.

In details

The price of this service depends on the duration, the number of participants, as well as the amount of tea. All this can be agreed upon in advance by discussing all the nuances. We will hold this event at a convenient time and place for you.

We offer a wide variety of teas to choose from, both by country of origin and by the degree of fermentation. We show a different approach to brewing and serving a different kind of tea. We compare several types of tea in a comparative tasting to get a feel for the subtle nuances in aroma and taste. A wealth of useful information will help you take a step further in understanding what real tea is and how to understand and evaluate it.

Standard tea degustation for 2 people - 70 EUR.

Standard tea degustation for 4 people - 90 EUR.

Standard tea degustation for 6 people - 120 EUR.

For those who wish to purchase a tea ceremony as a gift to loved ones, we have a Gift Certificate valid for one year from the date of purchase.


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