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Handcrafted teaware

If you want to know how to make a tasty drink you need to know how and what kind of teaware you need to use.

For example, green and white teas prefer porcelain of glass teaware, but more fermented teas like oolongs or black teas prefer clay. Porcelain and glass will allow you to enjoy the color and aroma of tea infusion and also control the temperature and time of brewing. Clay better keeps the heat that is necessary for brewing highly fermented teas and also better reveals the taste of tea.

Teaware is a separate world in tea culture. Since ancient times tea and teaware developed each other. We give you the opportunity to realize the need for the right teaware to properly and deliciously brew tea. It’s hard to believe but the material, shape, and size of the dishes are very important. Teapot from Yixing clay, tea pairs, gaiwan, teacups and much more makes the tea action more qualitative and exciting.

We work directly with pottery masters. We buy dishes that can be used professionally. We check every piece for the functionality and quality of the material as every work is completely manual. Most of our dishes come to us from China, where the masters work hard to achieve the ideal shapes and proportions of each product, working with materials of the highest quality.

Every object is an artwork, one of a kind!


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