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Welcome to the "News" section, where we share the latest news from the life of our project! Briefly about the most important, as well as useful links to new items in the sections "Tea" and "Teaware"!

03.05.2021 - An article dedicated to PUER–† tea has appeared in the "BLOG" section. Briefly about the most important things you need to know and how to navigate our range is available from the link below!


22.04.2021 - To celebrate the anniversary of our project, we decided to make a 20% discount on the entire* assortment of tea and a 10% discount on the entire** assortment of teaware throughout May. A line of "7 tastes" sets, Rock and Guandong oolongs, premium and collection Puerh teas, all with a 20% discount !! For all green tea from 2020, a 30% discount !!! This has never happened before, but 5 years are celebrated once in a lifetime! Have a nice tea sessions! * As always, the discount does not apply to aged teas! ** Discount does not apply to Yixing teapots from the 90s and Karatsu style bowls!

15.04.2021 - At the beginning of the year, we wrote that this year our project turns 5 years old and we are very grateful to all our clients and friends for their support and interest in high tea culture! We grow and develop together with you! This is an amazing world that opens before the feet of those walking and we invite everyone to plunge into these unforgettable aromas, tastes, and states with us! We are preparing a lot of new and interesting things and can't wait to meet you again! We wish you health and harmony!

22.02.2021 - Spring is coming! This is the time when the highest quality tea is produced in different parts of the world! This is due to the fact that it is in the spring that the highest quality raw materials are picked, from which the most delicate and refined teas will then be made. That is why there are so many sold-out teas on our website and some of the remaining tea with a 20% discount! As always, we are preparing for the new harvest in order to pamper everyone with the highest quality and freshest tea in 2021!


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