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Welcome to the "News" section, where we share the latest news from the life of our project! Briefly about the most important, as well as useful links to new items in the sections "Tea" and "Teaware"!

28.01.2022 - Dear friends, By tradition, at the end of February, we start a new cycle of classes under the program "Teaching the Art of Tea". During 10 lessons, under the guidance of our tea master, you will have the opportunity to discover the world of high tea culture, learn how to understand and properly brew tea. During this time, we go through many interesting topics related to tea, tea culture, the East, health and harmony. Classes are held twice a week, in small groups, on pre-arranged days and times. The duration of each lesson is 2-3 hours, where the first half is theory, the second is practice. In the classroom, we cover such topics as: the history and philosophy of tea, the tea cultures of China, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam, the Chinese classical tea ceremony, the classification of tea, production technologies, tea utensils, determining the quality and proper storage of tea, the basics of tea testing and much more. Classes are held in our tasting room in the center of Riga. This is a great opportunity to delve into the aesthetics of the East and discover a sense of beauty in yourself.


14.01.2022 - We are launching a new project dedicated to all connoisseurs of quality tea. For many years, we have been studying the topic of aged teas, very often we touch on this topic in our courses "Tea Art Teaching" and decided to create a separate direction in our educational business, which we called the "Lao Lovers Club" and invite everyone to join and plunge deeply into the world aged tea. These are monthly meetings where we will brew and sort tea aged from several years to several decades. In the majority, of course, we will talk about Puerh tea, about famous factories, their successful, and sometimes even legendary recipes.

In details "LAO LOVERS' CLUB"

08.01.2022 - Time flies, and in a month we will celebrate 6 years from the moment we are engaged in tea and tea education! In these difficult times of constant restrictions, it is difficult to organize something, but we still want to give those of you who missed our face-to-face meetings the opportunity to come and enjoy tea with us. Once a month there will be an event where we will continue our tradition of introducing participants to rare and very high quality tea and tea culture from around the world. Events are held in our tasting room, in the center of Riga!

The first such event this year will be held on January 20 at 18:00 and will be dedicated to the highest quality tea in India, one of the most beautiful teas on the planet - Darjeeling! We have been selecting for many years and now the time has come to get acquainted with this tea culture, which is definitely worth attention. The number of places is limited, if you want to participate, contact us!


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