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"Lao Lovers' Club"


Dear friends,

we are launching a new project dedicated to all connoisseurs of quality tea. For many years, we have been studying the topic of aged teas, very often we touch on this topic in our courses "Tea Art Teaching" and decided to create a separate direction in our educational business, which we called the "Lao Lovers Club" and invite everyone to join and plunge deeply into the world aged tea. These are monthly meetings where we will brew and sort tea aged from several years to several decades. In the majority, of course, we will talk about Puerh tea, about famous factories, their successful, and sometimes even legendary recipes. About what is the quality of such tea and how storage conditions affect such tea. What is the difference between plantation raw materials and raw materials collected from wild old, and sometimes ancient tea trees. We will develop taste, the ability to understand the many nuances associated with old tea. The main task of such meetings is to develop an understanding of this topic and get together in the company of like-minded people in order to explore this wonderful world together and cheerfully.

Puerh is a completely self-sufficient separate world in modern tea culture, which is becoming more and more popular. Our experience shows that there are absolutely non-tea people among the admirers of Puerh tea, and this is not surprising, because this tea can surprise with its diversity and give us an infinite number of tastes, emotions and shades of states. Not for nothing, in the homeland of this tea, it is treated as a healing drink that gives longevity and harmony. This is an amazing world of very unusual, deep tastes and tea states. This is a rather complicated and expensive topic to study alone, it’s another matter when the conquest of such tops is done in the company of like-minded people and, most importantly, with the participation of a world-famous tea master who has many years of experience in teaching such complex topics.

Meetings are held as comparative tastings of different teas, which helps to better understand the difference and features of a particular tea. These meetings are suitable for both complete beginners and those who already have experience and understanding of what is at stake, but want to fully understand this topic and deepen their knowledge.

We invite everyone to join us and share with us this amazing journey through aromas, tastes and states of the times. Try yourself as a ti-taster, develop your taste, smell and senses at our Lao Lovers' Club meetings.



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