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The revelations of a tea master.


“In these difficult times for all of us, two topics have become very relevant. The first is health, and the second is creativity. The topic of health has always been relevant, but due to the current situation in the world, people have become much more interested in how to strengthen and maintain their bodies. The theme of creativity was also present in the lives of many, but only today it comes into the life of everyone. Everyone has to go beyond so that life does not stop. The world has been changing dramatically over the past year, forced to look for new ways of development. We live in an amazing time, it is worth starting to feel it.

There is a phrase that I repeat more often than others! “Tea is a drink of health and longevity! Since ancient times, people have been drinking tea in order to live a long and happy life, in harmony with themselves and the world around them. " Just think about this phrase! For me, it contains the answer to both of the above questions.

For a long time I have been drinking quality tea, and I feel much better than before I met him. An understanding came into my life, that it is very important what, and how, we use inside ourselves. I began to understand that the body I live in is my home, and the "home" should be clean. Now in my life, there is not only high-quality tea but also high-quality water, food, fresh air, and everything that raises the quality of life to a completely new level. Over time, vital energy becomes more, and then the body requires an active lifestyle. So Qigong and hardening came into my life, I began to get up early and enjoy nature, how everything in it is harmonious and divine. The colors became richer, thoughts brighter. Less evil and more good. And thanks to tea, I met wonderful people, and the further I go, the more amazing life becomes.

Happiness is made up of little things. These can be aromas, tastes, sounds, beautiful things, tactile sensations, pleasant states, etc. All this on a subconscious level inspires us to live and win. And where there is inspiration, there is creativity, joy, and love for everyone and everything. That is why tea for me is not simply tea. That's why high-quality tea, not simple tea. " © tea master

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