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"Xiao Ying" teapot, 150 ml


This teapot is made of the "Da Hong Pao Ni" Yixing clay

The classical shape called “ZhuDin”.

Master named Yang Li. The master in the second generation makes pottery from an early age. His father is a very famous ceramist in China whose works have been presented to many foreign diplomats as a gift. Yang Li himself graduated from the Yixing University of Ceramics. The works of Yang Li are famous for their clean lines and perfect symmetry.

Completely handmade. This is an ideal option for the Chinese classical tea ceremony Gongfu Cha.

Teapots from this type of Yixing clay are best suited for lightly fermented oolong and sheng (raw) pu-erh.

Material features.

Yixing teapots saturate the taste of tea and enhance the flavor. Thanks to a large number of calcium and iron oxides, micronutrients useful for health the yixing teapots make the tea infusion more deep and clear. Yixing clay has a great porosity, which allows tea to breathe and oxygenate what makes the tea more flavorful and tasty. Yixing teapots are made for ceremonial brewing of tea what makes this process more refined and exciting.


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