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"Kyusu", 250 ml


Clays variety "Purple Clay"

Classic form "Kyusu"

Similar material and shape of the teapot are among the most popular for brewing Japanese large-leaf tea. Features of the material, as well as its perfect ergonomics, allowing you to brew tea more tasty, convenient and beautiful.

Perfectly fitting lid gives a full vacuum and as a result an ideal stream. A perfectly made sieve perfectly filters the infusion. Ideal for a Japanese tea ceremony with green teas like Sencha, Gyokuro and so on. (In fact, this teapot brews almost any kind of tea, not only Japanese.) Completely handmade makes this teapot one of a kind. The seal of the master is worth the handle of the kettle.

Material features.

The full name of the style is Banko Yaki. Produced in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture. The history of this style of ceramics has about 300 years.

This is a unique type of ceramic, not found anywhere else in the world. The rarity of clay, a special method of firing and the craftsmanship of the master, make this teaware ideal for brewing tea. Due to the special composition of clay, as well as its great porosity, this ceramic maximally reveals the taste of tea, making it soft, deep and aromatic. This clay contains a large number of minerals, which, after firing, are oxidized on the surface of the teapot, giving it a unique iron texture.

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