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WuyiShan mountains and Rock teas.


Oolongs are the most sophisticated among the teas. They reflect the peak of human skill, and the accumulated tea wisdom has been passed from master to student from generation to generation over the centuries. While many varieties of tea have an uncomplicated technological chain in their production, oolongs are subject to a very complicated production procedure. In the results you can stay either with nothing, or get a good tea.

The tea plant itself is only half the solution. Powerful varieties of oolongs require complex efforts in several areas of skill. Refinement and elegance of oolongs are the result of the creation of the magical power of the earth, the tea-plant itself and the harmoniously executed process. By removing one note, the melody will instantly loose its harmony and harmoniousness.

Rock teas (Chinese "Yancha", rock tea - that grows only in the north of Fujian province, in the WuYiShan mountains) are well known for surprisingly rich and many-sided aromas and flavors, as well as a long aftertaste (aftertaste in the context of cliff oolong is called Yan Yun - “rock melody", something that is a very special feature of the taste of real rock tea. Describing the feeling of this melody is very difficult, but if you catch it at least once, you will not confuse it with anything else).

Anyone in the mountains of WuYi will feel the magnificence and power of this place. No traveler would ever remember the beauty of WuYi through a camera lens. The rocky mountains that go straight into the sky are completely covered with green foliage, the radiant beauty of which is reflected on the surface of the river on cloudless sunny days.

WuYiShan is an ideal place to grow tea. The volcanic limestone soil in the mountains of WuYi contains the perfect combination of minerals and the deposits necessary for growing tea bushes, as well as the indispensable sun and rain. But one thing is scientific information about the soil and the environment, another is the almost tangible power of the spirit of the WuYiShan mountains.

WuYi has been a place of religious concentration for over a thousand years. For Taoists, Buddhists, and Confucian WuYi continue to be the most important place of stay. The years of meditation and prayer made WuYiShan even more special. The excellent and incomparable soil, climate and energy of the WuYi mountains are reflected in the taste and aroma of rock tea. "The magnificence of the WuYi mountains - cliffs, flowers, a crystal river, the earth, the sky and the divine spirit - so naturally and neatly unfolds in a cup of good oolong rock".



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