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"White Tuesday"


Thus Monday (26.03,2018) our company share knowledge about green tea and give people opportunity to taste different high quality green teas from all over the world. There was a lot of fresh teas from different parts of China, as well as Vietnamese and Georgian white tea. There were three different aged teas like Baihao Yinzhen, BaiMudan and Shoumei. It was great experience event for us to taste such big amount of different white teas and discover the difference between all of them. Thanks to everyone who came and shared this moment with us.

Due to the special processing of white tea and tea master’s mastery, the maximum amount of beneficial vitamins and microelements preserved in it. White tea strengthens immunity, regulates body temperature what makes it the best choice in the hot season. Increases immunity, slow down aging process.

Aged white teas have much more saturated tastes than younger teas. In addition, it is considered that aged white teas possess healing qualities.

Reasons and Benefits to drink WHITE TEA.

• Reduces the risk of #heart #desease
• Improves #brain #health
• Fights #aging
• Have a lot of #antioxidant properties
• Promotes #energy
• Lowers risk of #cancer
• Strenghens #teeth and #hair
• Fights #depression
• Slows down #skin aging
• Helps in #weightloss
• #Anti-inflammatory properties
• Strengthens #immunity
• Regulates #body #temperature


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