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Welcome to Taiwan!


We spent several years to make acquaintances with amazing tea masters who make some of the most exquisite teas on the planet. Through long tastings, we and our colleagues from Taiwan selected the highest quality teas for our future tea projects and of course for you.

For those who don’t know, tea has been produced in Taiwan for more than 300 years, and during this time, local tea masters have been very successful in producing tea of ​​the highest mastery. Due to the ideal climate and high altitude, a magnificent “tea leaf” grows here from which skillful hands can make an amazing product.

All tea presented in our assortment is made from organic, premium raw materials in very small quantities. We are proud to present you high mountain Taiwanese oolongs, as well as stunning red teas that will not leave indifferent any lover of quality tea.

Each tea deserves special attention! We highly recommend brewing such tea using the Gongfu Cha method in order to enjoy its aromas and tastes as much as possible.

For more information about the most important methods of brewing tea, read our article - ABOUT THE METHODS OF BREWING TEA.


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