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Vietnamese tea and cinema evening


Due to our upcoming Tea Tour to Vietnam, we held an evening of Vietnamese tea and cinema, where our tea master Andrei Ivanov introduced the guests of the event to the Vietnamese tea culture and brewed a lot of very interesting and rare teas.

The most exclusive one was white tea from ancient tea trees from the province of Ha Giang, from the personal collection of Andrei. This tea consists of buds picked from ancient (300-year-old) tea trees. This tea is the most expensive tea in Vietnam at the moment.

With the right brewing method, the infusion has a light floral flavor and the color of champagne or young white wine. Sweet, deep taste with notes of linden, flower honey and caramel. Very sweet infusion with a pleasant refreshing aftertaste.

During our upcoming Tea Tour to Vietnam we will visit the production, where this fine tea was made. We will not only be able to see the entire process of tea production from the leaves of ancient trees, but we can also take part, having experienced what it is like to be a real tea master.

After this tea, the guests got acquainted with several variants of oolong from the Moc Chau area, as well as with several teas made from the leaves of old tea trees from the province of Ha Giang.

For those who missed, but wish to get acquainted with Vietnamese farm tea, you can order Started kit of samples.


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