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TEA TOUR. VIETNAM. APRIL 2019. In search of ancient tea trees.


The program turned out to be rich and exciting. We visited several productions where handmade organic tea is produced from the leaves of old and even ancient tea trees, took part in the picking and production of a fresh spring crop, and also produced the first batch of its own name tea cakes. Our tea master personally controlled the raw materials and the pressing process. We used raw materials from more than 500-year-old tea trees, which makes our tea very exclusive and rare. Very soon we will be able to please everyone with this wonderful exquisite product, which is not afraid of time, and only get better.

Upon returning to Hanoi, many more interesting things awaited us both in the capital and beyond. We visited the ceramics market, where craftsmen from Vietnam and China make and sell their works. We visited Halong Bay, with its unforgettable karst islands and a rich tourist program, Nin Binh province with its stunning views of wildlife, where for several years King Holm’s Hollywood film was filmed, as well as the largest Buddhist temples in Vietnam called Bai Dinh.

All this, as always, was accompanied by exquisite local cuisine and cozy Hanoi streets, warm and even hot weather and the company of good people.


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