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Tea Tour to China. October 2018. Hangzhou, WuYishan, Shanghai.


This October, together with the International Tea School Chaism.Pro, our tea master Andrei Ivanov planned a new route for the Tea Tour to China 2019. To do this, they visited several cities and developed a route where you can enjoy not only tea plantations and productions, but also to plunge into Chinese culture in general.

The route consisted of such places as the city of Guangzhou, where the famous Xihu Lake is located, in the vicinity of which the most famous and most beloved Chinese Longjing green tea is grown and produced, which is translated from Chinese as “Dragon Well”. The second city was Wuyishan, the capital of Chinese tea culture, where the famous rock teas are produced. The trip ended in Shanghai, where the tour participants enjoyed both the old Shanghai and the new.

As a result, a very rich tea tour was planned, full of beautiful places, very high-quality tea, evenings with full immersion in Chinese culture in all its manifestations.

Follow the news, we will definitely keep up to date with all the events.


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