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Tea Masters Cup International 2018 Hue/Vietnam


Tea Masters Cup International is an international championship among masters of tea brewing, as well as tea tasters. For 4 years this event brings together tea experts from around the world in one place, not only to identify the best tea masters, but also to popularize this culture, identify new innovations and exchange experiences.

Every year the number of participating countries is growing, and this year the number has reached eighteen. In each of these countries, a national tournament was held, the winners of which received the right to represent their country at the world finals. Each year the final is held in different tea producing countries. This year the final was held in Vietnam, in the ancient city of Hue.

Many different participants represented their country, culture, which made this event very bright and spectacular. It is a huge rarity when in one place one can observe such a huge accumulation of different tea cultures and such a concentration of love for this drink.

The winners were four participants in four different nominations. Among the winning countries are Australia, Vietnam, Russia and Sri Lanka. More information about the event can be found on the official website Tea Masters Cup

I would also like to congratulate our Latvian participants, who took the honorable second places in the categories "Tea Preparation" and "Tea Tasting".

P.S. Our tea master, Andrei Ivanov, this year has received the certificate of an international judge and is now one of its 10 owners. We are infinitely proud and glad that in our ranks there are people of this level.


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