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Vietnam is an amazing country. People here are simple and kind, culture is original and nature is extraordinary amazing. You can talk a lot about it but it's better to go by yourself and see everything with your own eyes. We want to talk a little about Vietnamese tea.

Firstly it was the discovery for us that in Vietnam people produce all kinds of tea. During this trip we experienced amazing white, green, red, oolong and pu-erh tea made from ancient trees. Having tried a number of different varieties you will agree that Vietnamese tea is unfairly underestimated. Despite its external similarity with Chinese, Vietnamese tea has its own original very pleasant notes.

Secondly the discovery was that in Vietnam there are farms with huge plantations where tea is grown and produced for Taiwan. Later people sell this tea like Taiwanese for much higher price.

We always select only the best quality product, always directly from the manufacturer and from now you can be sure that the best quality Vietnamese oolongs, red teas, shu and sheng pu-erh are available in our store.


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