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Almost all of the tea we work with is made by farmers who put their heart and soul into the tea leaves that we all love and value. In most cases, such tea is harvested and produced entirely by hand in small volumes. Organic raw materials, family production recipes, proper storage, all this, and much more makes such tea especially useful. From generation to generation, ancient traditions are preserved. Behind each cup of such tea are people and a whole story, which, as a rule, remains between the manufacturer and the seller. The history of the origin of the tea that we brew is always important to us because this is a huge part of what we do. We are very grateful to everyone who produces tea, which is in our assortment.

Due to the situation in the world, such family production is going through difficult times. We decided to organize a campaign #supportfarmtea, whose goal is to support such people and those who involved in the production and distribution of such a product.

As you know, for quite some time now we have been promoting high-quality tea from Vietnam. Our tea master is the official ambassador of Vietnam Tea Culture. We conduct Tea Tours, the purpose of which is to introduce the participants to this amazing country, and the unique tea that they make. Thanks to the Vietnam Tea Association, we have access to the best tea masters who produce very high-quality tea.

SNOWSHAN TEA is a project founded by the Vietnam Tea Association, aimed at popularizing tea made from high mountain tea leaves, harvested from old and even ancient tea trees. On their website, you can learn more about the project, its mission and goals.

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If you want to purchase the highest quality farm tea produced in this country, you can safely contact our colleagues - Antra Tea. They are engaged in both wholesale and retail, both tea and teaware. If you make tea or just love tea and always wanted to try the best from Vietnam, then this is the contact you need. All the freshest and highest quality, directly from the producers. Worldwide shipping!

For our part, we want to make a -30% discount on all tea and teaware of Vietnamese origin. These are 14 different positions from white to black tea, where each of them deserves special attention. The promotion will last all May! During this time, by purchasing tea from Vietnam, you are supporting the producer and promoter.

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