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7 reasons to choose our Tea Tour to Vietnam 2020!


• This is a great opportunity to visit amazingly beautiful places in four different provinces of Vietnam.

• Throughout the tour we are waiting for high-quality, diverse, and most importantly authentic local cuisine.

• A quality hotel in the center of old Hanoi and comfortable authentic guest houses at tea production sites.

• The price of the tour includes absolutely everything so as not to think about money for 7 days!

• The tour includes 4 days devoted to the tea culture of Vietnam, where each of the participants will learn how to assemble and produce the most diverse Vietnamese tea, as well as be able to make their own. In addition to tea production, you will find the Vietnam Tea Ceremony, professional Teatesting and other tea events aimed at exploring high tea culture.

• Absolutely anyone can take part, from any corner of the world.

• And finally, this is the cheapest Tea Tour of all offered, today. The cheapest and one of the highest quality!

This is a great opportunity to see Vietnam and its culture, as well as learn a lot of new and interesting information about the most popular drink on the planet!

More details about the tour, prices and conditions -TEA TOUR. VIETNAM. APRIL 2020


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