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Tea school. Basic course.


IZPODNEBESNOJ invite you to discover the world of delicate sensations, flavors and aromas - to immerse yourself in the world of tea and tea culture and to understand all its secrets, features and hidden nuances.

In our classes we will examine the history of China as the homelands of tea, the culture and philosophy of these people, tea utensils, the technologies of production various kinds of teas and of course we will learn how to brew this wonderful drink correctly. Lessons are conducted by Andrei Ivanov, world famous tea master, world champion among tea masters and representative of the international tea school ChaismPro.

The full basic course consists of 15 lessons. Each lesson lasts about 3 hours. The first half of the lesson is theory, the second is practice.

Topics of the course:

• History and philosophy of tea

• Tea culture

• China's culture as the motherland of tea

• Classic types of tea

• Technologies of tea production

• Tea utensils

• Determination of quality and proper storage of tea

• Proper brewing of tea

• Chinese Classical Tea Ceremony

• Basics of Tea Tasting

• Basics of tea gastronomy

At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate of Teaching of Tea Mastery. You will have a variety of useful knowledge and skills. You will change your thought about tea and will understand it as a professional.

Classes are held in small groups twice a week at Briežu iela 7, Riga, Latvia. You can apply for participation and clarify the nuances by calling +371 25 65 25 25 or [email protected].

The price of the lesson in the group is 300 euros for the entire course or 25 euros per lesson. The price of an individual lesson is 30 euros per lesson.

The group classes start on June 1.


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