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Great fresh harvest degustation.


Great tasting of the fresh harvest. Japan.

This country has been cultivating and producing tea for a long time. As a result of almost 10 centuries of history, we observe a very distinctive tea culture with its original teas, dishes, and brewing methods.

Almost 95% of the tea produced in Japan is green tea, and green tea, as we all know, must be drunk fresh. Only in this case, we will get everything useful that the tea leaf is famous for, which means we will be healthy and strong!

All tea in our assortment is made from environmentally friendly raw materials, 100% Organic. Each tea is selected as a result of long comparative tastings from many experts from different parts of Japan. These are truly unique aromas and tastes that are unlike anything else.

We presented the famous Matcha, Sencha, Gyokuro, Genmaicha, Kukicha, Hodjicha, as well as red, oolong, and highly fermented teas from Japan.

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