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Evening of Korean tea and cinema in the Riga Tea Club.


05/19/2018 we held an amazing evening of Korean tea and cinema in the Riga Tea Club.

Our tea master Andrey Ivanov held a Korean tea ceremony and brewed some very rare and interesting Korean teas. He told about the Korean tea culture and shared his experience of traveling around South Korea, living in Buddhist monasteries and producing Korean tea.

At the end of the ceremony, we watched the masterpiece of Korean cinema, the film "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter ... and Again Spring" from director Kim Ki-Duk. The film is deep, philosopher, leaving a huge aftertaste.

A little about the tea that we brewed guests.

1. Green tea from Pason is a beautiful Korean green tea handmade. Poseong County is located in the south of the province of Cholla-Namdo in South Korea. The tea itself grows near the sea, which is generally considered to give it a sea note. Tea is delicious and healthy, an excellent choice in hot weather.

2. "Korean Breakfast" - so called organic red tea, or rather a blend of red teas from Poison, South Korea. This blend is unique, because it is made up of a large number of different, rather high-quality teas. A rich golden color of infusion and taste with notes of honey, malt and mendal. The recipe was coined by Australian Tea Masters early last year and received many awards and positive reviews on numerous tea events around the world.

3. Tteokcha - Korean monastic green tea. Very rare and unique tea, which is made by special technology only in South Korea. Our Ttekhoca is made by monks in the oldest Buddhist monastery in Korea, completely handmade.

4. At the end of our Evening of Korean tea and cinema we brewed flowers of Korean cherries! Fragrant and gentle, notes of lychee and grapes left no one indifferent! and became the final chord in our symphony of flavors and flavors from South Korea.


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