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Someone once said “We all leave to return home someday”. Our journey to Vietnam ended and it seems that it's time to say few words about it. During this trip we were able to visit several places where ancient tea trees grow, as well as in the factory where tea is produced, directly from the leaves picked from these trees. Most memorable moment was our participation in picking and preparation tea from 300-year-old trees.

This factory produces white, red and two kinds of pu-erh tea, shu and sheng. They produce tea for about 30 years, so this is a young but very interesting factory. Those who used to drink tea made from ancient trees, will confirm that it is special. This tea grows at 1000-2400 meters above sea level in the wild jungle. The area we visited located on the border with Yunnan province, China where Chinese famous pu-erh tea is being produced.

As always it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. The trees I am talking about are 70 to 500 years old. We have new products in our assortment, made from ancient Vietnamese tea trees we highly recommend to try.

Finally I want to say that we will definitely return here again in order to learn more about this country and about the tea that is being made with special devotion here.


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