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Dear friends, for several years we have been promoting high tea culture and tea of ​​the highest mastery, what we call #TeaEducation. We see tremendous benefits in giving people aportunity to touch and understand this wonderful world of new emotions, tastes and states. Our tea master Andrei Ivanov, one of the best tea experts of the world, is personally involved in the search and selection of the best can get. Andrei has a huge number of connections with the best experts and tea producers from most tea producing countries of the world. He successfully collaborates with various tea experts in various projects, aimed at the development of world tea culture.

We are very proud of what we do and want to thank all our customers, students, colleagues and friends for believing in us and our business. Each of our clients becomes a close friend for us, to whom we have special feelings and who becomes for us one more reason to continue what we do.

We have big plans for this year! There are many different activities and innovations aimed at the development and popularization of tea culture, and of course a lot of new tasty tea.


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