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Tteokcha, 2017


Tteokcha is a monastery tea, which is made only in one place and this is South Korea. Since ancient times, Buddhist monasteries of Korea have been the center of development of Korean tea culture. Here are original methods of production and consumption of tea. Beautiful and unique tea ceremony.

This tea has no analogues, it does not resemble any other. The process of producing this tea is quite simple, but as it always happens, it's all about the nuances and mastery of the tea master. This tea is collected high in the mountains, at a certain time of the year, starting from the lunar calendar. When collecting and further producing this tea, monks read mantras (prayers), charging tea leaves with energy. It is believed that such tea has healing properties that help in the path of spiritual development. After collection, the tea leaves are grinded and crushed with the shape of a coin, planted on a rope and left to dry in the open air. Thus, tea is fermented for a long time before it is ready for consumption.

Our Tteocha is made by the monks of Daewonsa monastery, the most ancient monastery of South Korea, from the place called Assilam. The monastery is about 2 thousand years old and this place has very strong energy. Local tea is made from the leaves of wild tea bushes growing around the monastery, high in the mountains. Produced in a very limited quantity.

We get this tea first-hand, and with untold pride, we share this treasure with you.

Harvest: Spring, 2016.


Due to the special processing of green tea, the maximum amount of beneficial vitamins and micro-elements are preserved in it.

Reasons to drink GREEN TEA

• Strengthens blood vessels.
• Purifies the circulatory system.
• Reduces the risk of heart diseases.
• Improves brain health.
• Fights aging.
• Lowers blood pressure.
• Support weight loss and maintenance.
• Lowers blood sugar levels.
• Prevents tooth decay.
• Fights depression .
• Keep bones strong.
• Anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent.
• Support skin health.
• Prevent cancer .
• Reduces cholesterol levels.

Recommended water temperature: 75-80 degrees Celsius.

Recommended amount of tea: 3-4 grams per 100 ml of water.

Recommended brewing method: Strait method (pin cha).


Recommended teaware: gaiwan or teapot.

Recommended material: porcelain or glass.


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