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Hubei Heicha, 2017


Hubei Hei Cha | Black/Dark Tea from Hubei Province

Chang Sheng Chuan, Hubei, China.

This is a classic brick black/dark tea from the oldest manufacturer of black tea in the Middle Kingdom. This highly respected factory has existed since 1378 and in the 20th generation produces only black tea, according to its original recipe.

For the production of this tea, only spring tea leaves are picked from the highlands of Wuling mountains. The raw materials in these places are famous for their high selenium content, which makes tea very useful for strengthening immunity. Tea undergoes a long fermentation process, consisting of 77 refining processes, using mountain spring water. All this under the guidance of the most experienced master, continuing the work of his family. The result is a first-class tea, which can rightly be considered one of the best of its kind. This tea is good to drink now, and even better for storing.

At this moment, the tea has a soft, sweet taste with notes of wet wood, black bread, and herbals. Crystal clear infusion has a bright amber color. Tea brings about pleasant associations of the village and the forest after the rain.

Harvest: Spring, 2017.

“This is definitely a pearl among the“ brick tea ”. This tea has tremendous potential, but for now, I enjoy it as it is, and I am proud that we are familiar. ”

Andrei Ivanov (IPN.LV Tea master)


In China, black tea is often used as a medicine. It is believed that black tea prolongs life.

Benefits to drink BLACK (DARK) TEA

• Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
• Reduces blood pressure
• Brakes cell aging
• Normalizes metabolism
• Detoxification and reduction of harm caused by tobacco and alcoholic drinks
• Prevents atherosclerosis
• Sterilization and reduction of inflammation
• Caffeine Free
• Reducing excess weight

Recommended water temperature: 95-100 degrees Celsius.

Recommended amount of tea: 3-4 grams per 100 ml of water.

Recommended brewing method: Strait method (pin cha).


Recommended dishes: pot.

Recommended material: yixing clay.


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