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PU-ERH. Great tasting.


08/26/2018 We conducted a tasting of PUER tea, where the guests of the event were able to try and compare different pueras, different productions and different years.

Sheng pu-erh tea has many beneficial properties for brain activity and the whole human body. Tones up. The taste of sheng pu-erh is always deep with fruit, floral, smoked and honey notes. Over time, this tea becomes softer, more saturated and full-bodied.

This tea has gone through a long and complex process of production before being finally ready for drinking. Tea has a very mild and rich taste with woody, nutty, chocolate notes in the aftertaste.

Shu pu-erh has many beneficial properties. It cleanses the body and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. It has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and the liver. Has anti-inflammatory effect.

During the event, our tea master brewed 10 (5 shu (black) and 5 shan (green)) pu-erh teas both from the assortment of IPN.LV, both from own collection. Participants had the opportunity not only to feel the difference in the tastes of different manufacturers, but also to evaluate how the duration of exposure affects tea.

List of tea participating in the tasting:

Shu(Ripe) pu-erh 2014 y., Shuangjiang Mengku, Linzang, Yunnan

Shu(Ripe) pu-erh 2010 y., Haiwan

Shu(Ripe) pu-erh 2009 y., Dayi, Menghai Cha Chan, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Shu(Ripe) pu-erh 2003 y., Xiguan

Shu(Ripe) pu-erh 1997 y., farm (Yunnan)

Sheng(Raw) pu-erh 2011 y., Shuangjiang Mengku, Linzang, Yunnan

Sheng(Raw) pu-erh 2007 y., Dayi, Menghai Cha Chan, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Sheng(Raw) pu-erh 2006 y., Xiguan

Sheng(Raw) pu-erh 2003 y., CNNP

Lao Sheng(Raw) pu-erh 1983 y.,


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